About the Society

Society of Medicine Oncology and Dentistry (SMOD) (https://medicaloncologysociety.com) is registered association under registration act India. SMOD is a Non-profit Organization whose objectives is to advance and improve the quality of education and unites researchers in field of medicine, oncology and dentistry and to diffuse knowledge on new and improved methods of teaching and practicing researches, doctors, fellows, physicians in all branches of medicine and dentistry. SMOD has been an active Scientific body and International Journal of Dental and Medical Specialty (ISSN No: 2350-0921) is published under SMOD.

Not-for-profit status and taxation

As per society act in India, the Society is a not-for-profit venture, but not registered under tax free donations. The Society’s operations are supported solely by membership fees. The Society does not receive any commercial advertisements or promote any dental products on the Society website. We declare no conflict of interest with any commercial companies or products.

Mission of SMOD

• To organize workshop and training program, symposium, competency development different pertinent and challenging issues at National and International level.
• To uphold the dignity and unity of academic and research in Medical and Dental specialty.
• To provide medical and dental health education programs for people and schools.
• To create a national and international network of doctors and dentists from all the specialties.
• To focus on improve the quality of health-care service in country and all over world.
• To provide medical and dental health education programs for people and schools.

Key Highlights of the Journal

Infrastructure: A proper infrastructure is mandatory for a smooth working. Journal has its own designate Physical office. One for the Editorial Office and other one is the Publication Office. These offices are not shared or used for other purpose outside of the Journal work. Journal printing done at Amit Printers, New Delhi.

Software: It is desired in a journal handling large number of submissions to have a proficient online manuscript management portal. IJDMS uses the journal management portal for online manuscript submission, Editorial and reviewer panel which is manuscript submission web. IJDMS Does not accept submission as email attachment or as physical copies.

Business Model: The primary source of revenue for Production of IJDMS is depending on Article processing charges and there is no submission charge charged from the authors. Journal does not provide any fast Peer Review system. The decision of the editor in Chief is the final decision. IJDMS also get its revenue from its Official Association, Society of Medical, Oncology and Dentistry.

Technology: Technology has become a part of life with increasing presence. At IJDMS, IT plays a crucial part for the production of the Journal. This has been core philosophy behind the daily improvement excises done to less the human burden in both publication and editorial assessment of articles.

Manuscript Waiver: For more details please visit https://ijdms.in/Manuscript-Handling-Policy

Language: IJDMS accepts articles only in English Language. All references used in such articles should also be in English Language. However on rare circumstances, non-English references were allowed such as meta reviews.

Publication Schedule: IJDMS publishes annually which is followed since 2018. IJDMS never defaulted in delaying the Publishing any Issue of actual Publishing Month.

Permission to Deposit Work: Authors are permitted to deposit published Work in Personal, institutional, thematic and/or other open access repository. As post publication the Journal will be the copyright holder of the Published Work author should inform the journal prior to depositing the work. Authors are not permitted to deposit works which are still under consideration with the journal, part of the work.

Legitimate: IJDMS was neither mentioned in the Beall's Predatory Journal list nor a part of Predatory Journal List.

Transparency: A Reader wants to visit our office and would like to experience our working environment, is most welcome on prior appointment with the Editorial/Publication team.

Gender and Racial Policy: IJDMS does not hold prejudice against any gender or race. All are treated with Equality.

Correction Policy: If there has been a genuine error in an article, which has missed earlier, then an errata or correction in posted in the next Issue. Routinely this is not charged. However, if the error is in the details of the authors that could have been carefully weeded out at the time of proof and the work has been published both in print and Online.

Ahead of Print policy: Articles published online under the Ahead of Print model are considered published and can be cited and quoted using the DOI as the reference source. IJDMS has a policy that changes will not be made after publication of an article without following accepted procedures for making corrections to the scientific record.

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