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Oral Cancer – Screening and Prevention
Periodontics and Implants – A Short Talk
Feasibility of Different Methods after Debonding of Orthodontic Brackets: An In Vivo Study More

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International Journal of Dental and Medical Specialty is a double blind, Peer reviewed journal Annualy published journal which aims to publish original research papers, review articles, technical notes, case reports, book reviews and letters to the editors in all the specialty of medicine, specialty like general surgery, ophthalmology, pharmacology, pathology, ENT etc and super-specialty like neurosurgery as well as dentistry including oral surgery, oral medicine, oral pathology and dental and maxillofacial radiology with an objective to interact with allied specialists on the latest developments in these specialties. This journal is available online and in print format; it also offers comprehensive coverage of new techniques, important developments and innovative ideas in the respective fields. The Journal welcome papers from all over the world.  It publishes One Issue in the Month of June of Every Year since 2018.
The Online ISSN of IJDMS is assigned through indianjournals.com in the year 2014.
Criteria for consideration of papers - The papers should meet the following criteria – the material should be original, the methodology used should be standard and appropriate, results should be unambiguous supported with data/photographs, conclusions should be reasonable and based on the findings, the topic should be of biomedical interest and findings should have clinical significance. Papers involving human and animals should be ethically cleared by the local ethical committees.
International Journal of Dental and Medical Specialty(IJDMS) is the Official Publication of Society of Medicine Oncology and Dentistry

The scope of the journal is to encourage and support excellence in the discipline of medicine and dentistry and its confederated specialties. The journal will incorporate scientific and clinical investigations, innovative research in field of medicine and dentistry, research related to health, in field of dental and medical specialty, technical and clinical studies related to health, ethical and social issues in field of original descriptions of medical and dental research that advances or illuminates medical science or that educates the international journal of dental and medical specialty readers in field of all specialties of dental and Medical Research. Articles with clinical interest and implications will be given preference.
Community medicine,
Emergency Medicine and trauma,
Ear Nose and Throat,
Forensic Medicine,
Immunology and Infectious Diseases,
Intensive Care,
Internal Medicine,
Ayurvedic and allied sciences
Intensive Care,
Internal Medicine,
Molecular Biology
Nephrology / Renal,
Neurology and Neuro-Surgery,
Obstetrics and Gynaecology,
Paediatrics and Neonatology
Plastic Surgery,
Trauma and care Immunology and Infectious Diseases


Society Information

Society of Medicine Oncology and Dentistry(SMOD) which is a Non-profit Organization and has been registered under Registrar of Societies, Uttar Pradesh,India whose objectives are to advance and improve the quality of education and unite researchers in field of medicine, oncology and dentistry and to diffuse knowledge on new and improved methods of teaching and practicing researches, doctors, fellows, physicians in all branches of medicine and dentistry. SMOD has been an active Scientific body and International Journal of Dental and Medical Specialty(ISSN No: 2350-0921) is published under SMOD and printed by Renu Publishers, India.It has also future planned to developed strategic partnerships via international publications of manuscripts at national and international level. The Members of society is proud of the quality of the Journal, the content of which is further enhanced by a hands-on approach by its editorial team in improving submitted manuscripts and the Journal content. Major Objective of SMOD is to educate,to conduct research in education and other disciplines on the different subjects relating to education.

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