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Motivational Oncology: New Era - Quality of Life
Dental Perspective on Biomedical Waste and Management, a Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Survey: A Cross-sectional Study
All In a Day’s Work: “Perils of Unlicensed Health care in Surgery” More

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IJDMS is open access journal published on behalf of the Society of Medicine Oncology and Dentistry and printed by Renu Publishers New Delhi India. The Society of Medicine Oncology and Dentistry is new formed society whose objectives are to advance and improve quality education and unite huge researchers in field of medicine, oncology and dentistry and to diffuse knowledge on new and improved methods of teaching and practising researches, doctors, fellows, physicians in all branches of medicine and dentistry. It does this primarily through the promotion of journal title International Journal of Dental and Medical Specialty is an Open access journal and it has also future planned to developed strategic partnerships via international publications of manuscripts at national and international level. The Members of society is proud of the quality of the Journal, the content of which is further enhanced by a hands-on approach by its editorial team in improving submitted manuscripts and the Journal content.

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