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Strengthening Peace Education in Secondary School Curriculum Coming Soon
Editor Desk’s: Inaugural of International Journal of Dental and Medical Specialty Coming Soon
Cone Beam Computed Tomography: A Diagnostic Boon in Dentistry Coming Soon
Mishaps and Errors in Surgery: A New Chapter (Review) Coming Soon
Osseous Choristoma of the Oral Cavity: A Rare Osseous Choristoma of the Oral Cavity: A Rare Entity Review Coming Soon
HIVAIDS Education A Capsule for Peace in Secondary School Coming Soon
Global Trends in Teacher Education Coming Soon
ICT for Peace: A Philosophical Perspective Coming Soon
International Journal of Dental and Medical Specialty: Journey Continues-Editorial 10.5958/2394-4196.2014.00008.9
Evaluation of the facial profile by alteration of lip position in Indian Maratha male and female population 10.5958/2394-4196.2014.00006.5
Lower incisor dentoalveolar compensation and symphysis dimensions in class II and class III patients 10.5958/2394-4196.2014.00005.3
Ligature (Pre Adjusted Edge-wise Appliances) Making Simplified in Orthodontics: Education Pearls 10.5958/2394-4196.2014.00003.X
Diet-Nutrition and Cancer Prevention (Review) 10.5958/2394-4196.2014.00004.1
Editorial-IJDMS Still Long Way to Go 10.5958/2394-4196.2015.00006.0
Comparison of Root - Crown Lengths and Occlusal Contacts in Patients with Class-III Skeletal Relationship, Anterior Open-bite and High Mandibular Plane Angle 10.5958/2394-4196.2015.00002.3
Meckel–Gruber Syndrome Fatal Disorder - A Rare Case Report with Review of Literature 10.5958/2394-4196.2015.00003.5
Carotid Body Tumors: Series of Case Report and Retrospective Analysis: An Institutional Audit 10.5958/2394-4196.2015.00005.9
Liquid Biopsy: Novel Concept Biomarker: Latest Weapon in Oncology...!!!! 10.5958/2394-4196.2015.00007.2
A Giant Euthyroid (Multinodular) Goiter: An Uncommon Entity 10.5958/2394-4196.2015.00008.4
Evaluation of Burnout among Professional Students: An Institutional Analysis 10.5958/2394-4196.2015.00011.4
Incidence of Thyroid Disorders in India: An Institutional Retrospective Analysis 10.5958/2394-4196.2015.00012.6
Extramedullary Plasmacytoma of Nasal Cavity: A Case Report 10.5958/2394-4196.2015.00013.8
Pharmacovigilance in Medical Writing-Arm for Patient Care 10.5958/2394-4196.2015.00016.3
Determination of Transplanting Time of the Capsicum Seedlings for Yield and Profit Maximization 10.5958/2454-9541.2015.00001.8
Improvement of Jute Retting Processes in India in the Context of Water Scarce Situation 10.5958/2454-9541.2015.00005.5
Relationship between Early Blight Disease Severity and Uptake of NPK by Potato Under Diverse Fertility Gradient of Soil 10.5958/2454-9541.2015.00007.9
Empowerment of Rural Women Through Self-Help Groups of Udaipur District Coming Soon
A Study on Constraints Encountered by the Tribal Livestock Farmers in Southern Rajasthan Coming Soon
Focused Assessment Sonography in Trauma: An Impending Screening Advancement in Trauma 10.5958/2394-4196.2015.00022.9
Periodontitis and Hereditary Epidermolysis Bullosa: A Rare Case Report and Review 10.5958/2394-4196.2015.00028.X
Unilateral Benign Masseteric Hypertrophy: Surgical Intervention and Case Report 10.5958/2394-4196.2015.00027.8
A Study of Risk Factors Associated with Crop Shift in District Hamirpur of Uttar Pradesh 10.5958/2394-8159.2015.00001.8
Adoption of Improved Goat keeping Practices in Jalaun District of U.P. 10.5958/2394-8159.2015.00002.X
Back Yard Poultry Production in Mahoba: A Socio-Economic Analysis 10.5958/2394-8159.2015.00004.3
Strawberry Production for diversifying Agricultural Income: A Succcess Story from Samba district of J&K 10.5958/2394-8159.2015.00008.0
Assessment of Ideal Crop Geometry for Yield Improvement of French Bean during Rabi Season under Irrigated Medium Land Situation of Birbhum District 10.5958/2394-8159.2015.00009.2
Assessing the Role of Farm Women in Agriculture: A Case Study of Jammu District of J&K State 10.5958/2394-8159.2015.00012.2
Assessment of Marketable and Marketed Surplus of Rice in Relation to Farm Size 10.5958/2394-8159.2015.00013.4
Socio-Economic Analysis of Goat Rearing Farmers in Mahoba District of Bundelkhand 10.5958/2394-8159.2015.00016.X
Comparative Study of H.S.L.C Examination Result Between Private and Government Schools Coming Soon
Human Rights and Status of Minorities in Uttar Pradesh: the Role of the State in Secular Perspective Coming Soon
A Culture of Teaching Peace Coming Soon
Conventional to Robotic Surgery-Robotic Evolution 10.5958/2394-4196.2016.00001.7
Role of Ultrasonography in Prediction of Technical Difficulties in Laparosopic Cholecystectomy - Clinical Research 10.5958/2394-4196.2016.00002.9
Incidence of Hyponatremia in Critically Ill Patients in Intensive Care Unit: Observational Study 10.5958/2394-4196.2016.00004.2
Irritational Fibroma of Lower Labial Mucosa: A Case Report 10.5958/2394-4196.2016.00005.4
Regenerative Endodontic Management of a Periapical Lesion using Platelet Rich Fibrin: A Case Report 10.5958/2394-4196.2016.00006.6
Cost Structure and Magnitude of Profit in Wheat Cultivation 10.5958/2394-8159.2016.00001.3
Effect of Superliv Feed Supplement on Growth Performance and Haemato-Biochemical Parameters of Broiler 10.5958/2394-8159.2016.00009.8
Quality Assurance in Teacher Education 10.5958/2454-9525.2016.00004.4
A Study of Status and Scenario of Retail Outlets of Biscuits of Britannia Industries Ltd. Coming Soon
Attitude of Farmers Towards Developmental Activities of Agriculture Experimental Station NAU, Paria Coming Soon
Sources of Information and Perception of Farmers towards Soil Testing Techniques Coming Soon
Evaluating the Performance of Co-operatives Societies in Jammu Division of Jammu and Kashmir Coming Soon
Editorial 10.5958/2394-4196.2016.00007.8
Biology of mirid bug, Creontiades biseratense (Hemiptera: Miridae) Coming Soon
Status of ground water quality in selected shallow aquifers of Saharsa district, the Kosi megafan, the North Bihar Plains Coming Soon
In vitro morphogenesis studies in gerbera jamesonii bolus ex hooker F. Coming Soon
Quality Requirement and Standards for Natural Resins and Gums 10.5958/2454-9541.2016.00019.0
Editorial- Cancer: The Target 10.5958/2394-4196.2016.00013.3
Evaluation of Calcium, Phosphorus and Vitamin D Level in Different Stages of Pregnancy in East Indian Population 10.5958/2394-4196.2016.00016.9
Cause Importance and Cause Familiarity of the “Aashirvaad-Boond Se Sagar Initiative” of ITC in Jammu City 10.5958/2394-8159.2016.00011.6
Evaluation of Performance of Different Japanese Quail (Coturnix Coturnix Japonica) Varieties 10.5958/2394-8159.2016.00012.8
Exploring Business Opportunities for Reitzel Products in Jammu and Kashmir 10.5958/2394-8159.2016.00013.X
Magnitude and Incidence of Agricultural Indebtedness in Bihar 10.5958/2394-8159.2016.00016.5
Knowledge of Dairy Farmers about Improved Animal Management Practices 10.5958/2394-8159.2016.00017.7
A Study of Consumer Awareness and Perception towards Shopping of Fast Moving Consumer Goods in Jammu Region 10.5958/2394-8159.2016.00019.0
Analysis of Resource Use Efficiency in Wheat Cultivation in Etah District of U.P. 10.5958/2394-8159.2016.00020.7
Resource Use Efficiency of Major Field Crops in Reasi District of Jammu Region of Jammu and Kashmir State 10.5958/2394-8159.2017.00004.4
Cancer a Global Issue - Time to Consider 10.5958/2394-4196.2017.00001.2
Patient-oriented Problem-solving: An Effective Educational Tool for Learning Immunology 10.5958/2394-4196.2017.00002.4
Distribution of Different Forms of Potassium in Some Coastal Soils of West Bengal 10.5958/2454-9541.2017.00008.1
Evaluation of Chemical and Biological Indices for Carbon and Nitrogen Mineralization of Various Organic Matters Used in Tea Garden 10.5958/2454-9541.2017.00009.3
Agricultural Problems in India requiring solution through Agricultural Information Systems: Problems and Prospects in Developing Countries Coming Soon
ICT – The Respiration and the inspiration of the cyber society Coming Soon
A Framework for course pathway recommendation system in nonformal E-learning Coming Soon
Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics 10.5958/2454-9533.2016.00014.4
Emerging Internet Services: An Overview 10.5958/2454-9533.2017.00002.3
Cooperative Communication For 5G Networks: A Green Communication Based Survey 10.5958/2454-9533.2017.00007.2
Some Common Fixed Point Theorems in 2-Metric Spaces 10.5958/2454-9533.2017.00009.6
Role of Technological Gadget on the Tribal Culture and Education with Special Reference to the Attitude and Usage of Mobile Phone by IGNOU B.Ed Students of Mizoram 10.5958/2454-9525.2016.00006.8
Information and Communication Technology in Teacher Education: Prospects and Challenges 10.5958/2454-9525.2016.00012.3
Oral Myiasis - Series of Case Report and Literature Rev 10.5958/2394-4196.2017.00004.8
Irritational Gingival Fibroma: A Case Report 10.5958/2394-4196.2017.00005.X
Erratum - Patient-oriented Problem-solving: An Effective Educational Tool for Learning Immunology- Erratum 10.5958/2394-4196.2017.00006.1
Economic Impact of Frontline Demonstrations on Basmati Rice 10.5958/2394-8159.2017.00014.7
Analytical Study on Effect of Stress on the Employee Performance: A Case of Agri-Business Retail Outlets in Jammu 10.5958/2394-8159.2017.00018.4
Quality of Teacher Education in West Bengal 10.5958/2454-9525.2017.00010.5
Motivational Oncology: New Era - Quality of Life 10.30954/2350-0921.01.2018.1
Comparison of Conventional 2.0 mm Non-Locking and Locking Miniplates in Management of Fracture Mandible 10.30954/2350-0921.01.2018.3
High-speed Dental Tools in Dentistry - A Review 10.30954/2350-0921.01.2018.4
All In a Day’s Work: “Perils of Unlicensed Health care in Surgery” 10.30954/2350-0921.01.2018.5
Socio-Economic Analysis of Apple Beneficiaries in Kashmir Valley 10.30954/2394-8159.01.2018.3
Dynamics of Urbanization in Fringe-Villages and Related Consequences - Analysis of Sub-national Primary Survey 10.30954/2394-8159.01.2018.6
Customer Perception towards Organised and Unorganised Food Retailers in Jammu 10.30954/2394-8159.01.2018.8
Any Time Learning (ATL) for Higher Education Teachers through MOOC 10.30954/2454-9525.01.2018.2
Peace Values for Personality Formation among Secondary Schools Students of Karnataka 10.30954/2454-9525.01.2018.5
Evaluating the performance of Co-operatives Societies in Jammu division of Jammu and Kashmir 000
Income and Employment Generation under Existing Farming Systems in Chittorgarh District of Southern Rajasthan 000
Standardization of Scale for Measuring Attitude of Rural Youth towards Poultry Farming 000
Isolation and Characterization of Plant Growth Promoting Arsenic-resistant Bacteria and Possible Application in Bioremediation in West Bengal 10.30954/2347-9655.01.2018.6
Synthesis and Characterization of Alginate Nanoparticles Encapsulating Selenium and their Antimicrobial Evaluation 10.30954/2347-9655.01.2018.8
Harvestable Size of Indian Major Carp (Cirrhinus mrigala, Ham. 1822) in Vallabhsagar Reservoir, Gujarat (India) 10.30954/2347-9655.01.2018.9
Anthropometric Measurements of the Adolescent Girls in Relation to their Nutritional Status NA
Women and Freedom of Speech: Considering Gender Equality in Freedom of Speech 10.30954/2454-9525.02.2018.6
Taking Education for Peace (EFP) Forward - Means and Possible Interventions among Secondary School Students 10.30954/2454-9525.02.2018.7
A Study on the Influence of Television Shows (Reality Shows, Science Fiction shows and Sports Television Shows) on Control-Beliefs 10.30954/2454-9525.02.2018.9
A Study Quality on Intervention of Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) Mission at Government High School in Aizawl City 10.30954/2454-9525.02.2018.10
An Overview of Impact of Information and Communication Technology in Education 10.30954/2348-7437.1.2018.3
Dynamic System Simplification using Rectified Logarithmic Pole Clustering Technique 10.30954/2348-7437.1.2018.4
Diversified Farming System: The Answer to Achieve Triple Challenges of the Present day Indian Agriculture 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2018.1
Sustaining Rice Farming in Kashmir Valley: Challenges and Opportunities 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2018.2
Customer Satisfaction towards Branded Food Products 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2018.4
Control of Deacetylation in Gum Karaya on Storage for Quality Retention 10.30954/2347-9655.02.2018.2
Breeding and Seed Rearing of Climbing Perch (Anabas testudineus, Bloch) Using Farmer Friendly Innovative Technology at Farmer’s Field: A Case Study 10.30954/2347-9655.02.2018.3
Thermal Behaviour of Buchanania lanzan Gums Collected from Different Places 10.30954/2347-9655.02.2018.6
Til (Sesamum indicum L.) - An Underexploited but Promising Oilseed with Multifarious Applications: A Review 10.30954/2347-9655.02.2018.8
Oral Cancer – Screening and Prevention 10.30954/IJDMS.1.2019.1
Contents NA
An Application of Image Morphing Technique for Secure Data Transmission through Virtual Data Hiding NA
Exploring Gratitude as an important Life Transforming Strategy 10.30954/2454-9525.01.2019.3
Youth and Peace Volunteering in Manipur 10.30954/2454-9525.01.2019.8
Sudanese Women Lead Nonviolent Protest: An exploration on women’s participation in peace, reconciliation and reconstruction 10.30954/2454-9525.01.2019.10
Radio Companion: The Role of Sri Lankan Community Radio in the Sphere of Empowering Marginalized in the Society 10.30954/2454-9525.01.2019.12
Present Status and Future Prospects of Maize Cultivation in South Odisha 10.30954/2347-9655.01.2019.5
Instrumental Grading Systems of Natural Fibres for Harnessing Farmers Income 10.30954/2347-9655.01.2019.7
To Study About Yield and Yield Attribute Parameter on Tube Rose by Application of Different Irrigation Treatments in West Bengal 10.30954/2347-9655.02.2019.1
Geotextile and its Importance in Agriculture: A Review Study 10.30954/2347-9655.02.2019.3
Growth, Yield and Quality of Finger Millet (Eleusine coracana L. Gaertn) as Influenced by Integrated Nutrient Management 10.30954/2347-9655.02.2019.4
Growth, Yield and Quality of Finger Millet (Eleusine coracana L. Gaertn) as Influenced by Crop Geometry and Age of Seedlings 10.30954/2347-9655.02.2019.6
Contents NA
Editorial NA
Impact of Digital Marketing on End User Buying Performance Upon Retail Trade Business in UAE: A Case Study 10.30954/2348-7437.2.2019.4
Contents NA
Effect of Mineral Mixture on Growth, Feed Utilization and Economic Performance of Composite Fish Farming 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2019.3
Doubling Farmer’s Income: Role of Institutional Credit in Crop Production 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2019.7
Contents NA
Agronomic Management of Foxtail millet (Setaria italica L.) in India for Production Sustainability: A Review 10.30954/2347-9655.01.2020.3
Effect of Nutrient Management on Growth, Productivity and Quality of Oats with Special Emphasis on Zinc & Boron 10.30954/2347-9655.01.2020.6
Contents NA
Mahatma Gandhi’s Ahimsa: The Path Forward for Nonviolent Peaceful Resistance 10.30954/2454-9525.02.2019.1
Women as a Symbol of Motherhood, Love and Peace: The Manipur Narrative 10.30954/2454-9525.02.2019.3
Difficulties Confronted by Higher Secondary School Students in Mizoram 10.30954/2454-9525.02.2019.4
A Study on Problem Solving Ability of Government Secondary School Students in Aizawl City with Reference to Gender 10.30954/2454-9525.02.2019.5
Schneiderian membrane and its significance in Oral Implants 10.30954/IJDMS.1.2020.1
Review of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons’ Imaging Use for Facial Trauma 10.30954/IJDMS.1.2020.3
Association of mothers’ parenting practices and clinical and reported oral health outcomes in primary-school age girls 10.30954/IJDMS.1.2020.7
Nerve Conduction Study Findings in Ulnar-Median Nerve Intercommunications in the Upper Limb: A Short Review 10.30954/IJDMS.1.2020.8
Severe Bladder Outlet Obstruction in a 7-Week-Old Infant Presenting with Features of Prune Belly Syndrome: A Case Report 10.30954/IJDMS.1.2020.12
Contents NA
The Impact of Virtual Currencies on Money, Banking and Economic Market: An Analysis and Overview of Modern Economics 10.30954/2348-7437.1.2020.2
Contents NA
Role of Online Media: A Study of Happiness Index in Students’ Online Screen Use in West Bengal 10.30954/2454-9525.01.2020.2
Contents Vol. 7, No. 1, June 2020 NA
Assessment of Fuel Consumption Rate of Mechanised Trawlers in Kerala, South India 10.30954/2394-8159.01.2020.8
Socio-economic Impact of NABARD Supported Watershed Development in Amravati District 10.30954/2394-8159.01.2020.10
Optimizing Nitrogen Use Efficiency and Maize Yield under Varying Fertilizer Rates in Kenya 10.30954/2347-9655.02.2020.4
Effect of Different Land Use on Soil Physical Properties of Experimental Farms of NDUAT, Ayodhya 10.30954/2347-9655.02.2020.7
E-learning as a Toll for Higher Instruction: A Study into The Impacts of E-learning in Education 10.30954/2348-7437.2.2020.3
Comparative Economics of Pulses and Wheat Production in Uttar Pradesh 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2020.3
Livelihoods and Capital Formation of Tribal Hill Farmers in Intermediate Zone of J&K, India 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2020.5
Farmers Consciousness on Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Agriculture and Allied Sector in Kashmir 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2020.7
Contents NA
Contents NA
A Survey on Bioinformatics: Working Process Methodology 10.30954/2348-7437.2.2021.3
Contents NA
Influence of Maize-Legume Intercropping System on Growth and Productivity of Crops 10.30954/2347-9655.01.2021.3
Effect of Land Configuration and Plant Spacing on Indian Bean Dolichos lablab (PAPADI) 10.30954/2347-9655.01.2021.4
Effect of Plant Geometry on the Economics of Sweet Corn (Zea mays) Varieties in Prayagraj Climatic Condition 10.30954/2347-9655.01.2021.5
Applications of Nettle Fibre in Textile: A Brief Review 10.30954/2347-9655.01.2021.6
Maize Productivity, Economic Returns and Phosphorus Use Efficiency as Influenced by Lime, Minjingu Rock Phosphate and NPK Inorganic Fertilizer 10.30954/2347-9655.01.2021.7
Contents Vol. 8, No. 1, June 2021 NA
Contents NA
Correction of Class II Malocclusion in a Patient Using the FORSUS Fatigue Resistant Appliance – A Case Report 10.30954/IJDMS.1.2021.4
Inferior Vena Caval Malformation with Deep Venous Thrombosis Incidentally Diagnosed as a Cystic Pelvic Mass in a Young Female Patient: A Case Report 10.30954/IJDMS.1.2021.5
Contents Vol. 9, No. 1, June 2021 NA
Empowerment of Women: Problem and Issues faced by Manipuri Women 10.30954/2454-9525.01.2021.3
Estimation of Total Factor Productivity Growth (TFPG) and Factors Affecting Production of Cotton Crop in Rajasthan, India 10.30954/2394-8159.01.2021.13
Contents Vol. 8, No. 2, December 2021 NA
Variability and Market Integration of Fenugreek Prices in Rajasthan 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2021.1
To Study the Seasonal Price Behaviour of Major Kharif Pulse Crops in Rajasthan 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2021.2
To Study the Instability and its Causes in Production of Major Pulse Crops in Rajasthan 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2021.4
Impact of Covid-19 on Agric ulture in Cold Arid Ladakh Marginal and Small farmers hit hard, increases cost of cultivation, boost for family farming 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2021.6
Contents NA
Prospects of Natural Fibre Crop Based Plant Growth Substrate in Soilless Crop Production System: A Review 10.30954/2347-9655.02.2021.9
Conservation Agriculture and its Impact on Physical, Chemical and Biological Properties of Soil: A Review 10.30954/2347-9655.02.2021.11
A Relation between Peace Education & Swachh Bharat Abhiyan: A Step Towards Peaceful Living 10.30954/2454-9525.02.2021.2
Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Decision-making Behaviour of Agricultural Households in the Rural Urban interface of Bangalore 10.30954/2394-8159.01.2022.3
Resource Use Efficiency of Mustard and Bengalgram Cultivation in Paddy Fallows in Raichur District 10.30954/2394-8159.01.2022.6
Data Mining and Warehousing-A view & Case Study 10.30954/2348-7437.2.2021.3
High Performance Brushless Direct Current Motor Speed Regulator 10.30954/2348-7437.2.2021.4
Contents NA
Current Status and Prospects of Improving Sunflower Production in Tanzania Through Intercropping with Sunn Hemp 10.30954/2347-9655.01.2022.1
Role of Minjingu Rock Phosphate and Nitrogen Fertilizer in Improving Phosphorus and Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Maize: A Kenyan Case Study 10.30954/2347-9655.01.2022.2
Agronomic Evaluations of Single Cross Maize (Zea mays L.) Hybrids under Zone 3 of Karnataka 10.30954/2347-9655.01.2022.5
Influence of Zinc and Neem Coated Urea on Growth and Yield of Wheat under Shiwalik Foothills of Jammu 10.30954/2347-9655.01.2022.6
Effect of Variable Seed Rates on Crop Growth Rate (CGR) and Seed Yield of different Field Pea (Pisum sativum L.) Genotypes at New Alluvial Zone of West Bengal 10.30954/2347-9655.01.2022.8
Therapeutic Intervention of Chronic Kidney Disease Associated with Multiple Complications in a Labrador 10.30954/2347-9655.01.2022.10
Economic Analysis of Marketing Channels of Kharif Vs Rabi Onion in Ahmednagr District 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2022.2
Role of Agriculture in Socio-economic Development: A case study of Mid Hills, Sub Humid Zone of Himachal Pradesh 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2022.3
Composite Performance Analysis of Milk Producer Cooperative Societies in the SHIMUL Jurisdiction of Karnataka 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2022.8
Ecological Assessment of Land Use Changes in Rajasthan: Beginning of Twenty-first Century 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2022.11
An Analysis on Benefit-Cost Returns of Hybrid Rice under the Influence of Fertilizer and Weed Management Practices 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2022.12
Constraints of Different Stakeholders in Production, Marketing and Purchasing of Rose Cut Flowers 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2022.14
Contents NA
Evaluation of Marginal and Internal Fit Discrepancy of Crowns Fabricated Using Conventional, Milling, and Three Dimensional Printing Techniques 10.30954/IJDMS.1.2022.1
Adoption and Marketing Practices of Tomato Growers 10.30954/2394-8159.03.2022.1
Production credit, Investment credit, Net area and Gross cropped area 10.30954/2394-8159.03.2022.3
Contents NA
The Wood Collections of Industrial Section Indian Museum (ISIM), BSI, Kolkata 10.30954/2347-9655.02.2022.2
Dry Matter Accumulation, Yield and Economics of Maize Cultivation as Influenced by Mixed Stands of Maize + Vegetable Legumes 10.30954/2347-9655.02.2022.5
Multi-facet Approach to Recycle Household Bio and Non-Bioresource waste into Wealth: Success Story of a Lady having Zero Waste Lifestyle 10.30954/2347-9655.02.2022.6
Studies on Skewness and Kurtosis of Brinjal (Solanum melongena L.) Germplasm for Yield and its Contributing Traits 10.30954/2347-9655.02.2022.7
Reproduction and Milk Production Performance of Buffaloes in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh 10.30954/2347-9655.02.2022.9
Threat Assessment of Two Himalayan Endemic Alpine Plant Species and Conservation Implications 10.30954/2347-9655.02.2022.11
Evaluating the Impact of Drip Irrigation on Lettuce Yield in Polyhouse and Field Conditions 10.30954/2347-9655.02.2022.13
Involvement of Plant Growth Regulators and Varieties in the Multiplication of Cassava Planting Materials: A case study of Rwanda 10.30954/2347-9655.02.2022.14
Determination of the Disease of Plants by Calculating the Leaf Wetness Hour based on the Relative Humidity 10.30954/2348-7437.1.2022.6
Content NA
Constraints Faced by the Field Veterinarians in Livestock Insurance Scheme under National Livestock Mission 10.30954/2394-8159.04.2022.1
Constraints of different Stakeholders in Production and Marketing of Crossandra in Chickballapur District, Karnataka 10.30954/2394-8159.04.2022.2
Economic Analysis of Yield Gap in Chick Pea 10.30954/2394-8159.04.2022.5
Horticulture: Augmenting Income in Rainfed Regions 10.30954/2394-8159.04.2022.6
Participation and Time Utilization Pattern of Agricultural Households 10.30954/2394-8159.04.2022.11
Contents NA
From the Cover page to the Body Text: Embedding Gandhi in Economics, Governance and Management Education 10.30954/2454-9525.02.2022.6
Process Technology for Raisins 10.30954/2347-9655.01.2023.1
Hand-Held Optical Sensors for Optimizing Nitrogen Application and Improving Nutrient Use Efficiency 10.30954/2347-9655.01.2023.2
Upholding Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) Yield and Profitability while Maintaining Soil Fertility Under Intercropping with Sunn Hemp and Mineral Fertilizer Application 10.30954/2347-9655.01.2023.4
Oral Microbiome: Development, Composition and Diseases 10.30954/2347-9655.01.2023.6
Breeding Low Glycemic Index Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Cultivars: Progress, Benefits, and Challenges 10.30954/2347-9655.01.2023.8
Potential of Natural Fibres in Sanitary Napkin 10.30954/2347-9655.01.2023.9
Potential and Advantage of Pearl millet- Legume Intercropping System: A Review 10.30954/2347-9655.01.2023.10
Improving Crop Nutrition through Ecofriendly Biofertilizers: Concept, Types and Benefits in Agriculture 10.30954/2347-9655.01.2023.11
Decision-making Behaviour of Sericultural Households in Mulberry Cultivation 10.30954/2394-8159.01.2023.2
Functional Analysis of Marketing of Blackgram in Lalitpur District of Uttar Pradesh 10.30954/2394-8159.01.2023.3
A Study on the Evolution & Functioning of E-NAM with Special Reference to J&K 10.30954/2394-8159.01.2023.5
Export of Onion from India and its Destination Pattern: An Empirical Analysis 10.30954/2394-8159.01.2023.6
Economic Analysis of Arecanut Cultivation in Central Western Ghats Region of Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka 10.30954/2394-8159.01.2023.8
An Economic Analysis of Fish Production of SHG’s and Fishermen Cooperative Groups in Mungeli District of Chhattisgarh 10.30954/2394-8159.01.2023.10
Women Labourers Participation and their Constraints in Post-harvest Activities of Dry Chilli 10.30954/2394-8159.01.2023.11
Enhancing Farmers’ Income through Vegetable Farming in Raichur District of Karnataka: An Economic Analysis 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2023.9
Constraints Faced by the Farmers in Blackgram Production and Marketing in Lalitpur District of Uttar Pradesh 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2023.12
Seaweeds as Natural Resource for agar – agar Extraction in India– A Review 10.30954/2394-8159.02.2023.13
Peace Education as the Way of Creating Future Generations: Where We are Now? 10.30954/2454-9525.01.2023.2
Toxic Communication in Workplace: Exploring its Effects and Ways to Handle it 10.30954/2454-9525.01.2023.7
An Exploring Scenario of Gender Earning Differential in Flower Trading Market in Peculiar Flower Growing Districts of Uttar Pradesh 10.30954/2394-8159.03.2023.4
Trend and Growth Performance of Rice in Central Region of Uttar Pradesh 10.30954/2394-8159.03.2023.7
Production Cost and Productivity Analysis of Singhi (Heteropneustes fossilis) under Advance and Low Cost Recirculatory Aquaculture Systems (RAS) of Haryana 10.30954/2394-8159.03.2023.8
Sustainable Groundnut Cultivation: A Comparative Study of Resource Use Efficiency in Tribal and Nontribal Farming Communities in Jashpur, Chhattisgarh 10.30954/2394-8159.03.2023.9
Constraints Faced by the Field Veterinarians in Livestock Insurance Scheme under National Livestock Mission 10.30954/2394-8159.03.2023.14

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